VF-AS1The new advanced VF-AS1 inverter series, has outstanding performance, including high torque, fast response, high accuracy, High-frequency Noise Reduction, Harmonics Reduction. Motor range from 0,75kW to 500kW.




  • Power Supply: 3Ph X 380Vac
  • Output Voltage: 3Ph X 380Vac
  • Output Frequency: 0.01 - 500.0Hz
  • Applicable motors: 0,75 - 500 kW
  • Control type: V/F , Vector Control , Auto Torque Boost, V/F 5-point setting, PG feedback vector control (speed)
  • Overload Protection: 150% - 60sec / 165% - 2sec
  • Filters: EMI noise filter built-in
  • Analog signals: 2 INPUT & 2 OUTPUT
  • PID Control: Multi PID control
  • Communication: RS485, Modbus or Toshiba Communication Protocol
  • Option: DeviceNet, Profibus, CC-Link
  • Brake resistor: YES
  • DC Brake: YES


For more information you may refer to the series catalogue: VF-AS1-TSB-En.pdf (3.58 MB)


For additional information you can:

a) consult the series manual: VF-AS1-Manual-En.pdf (6.32 MB),

b) contact us.