Fatek-FBs-SeriesFATEK PLC FBs series, are divided in three categories: Basic Main Units (FBs-xxMA), Advanced Main Units (FBs-xxMC) and NC Positioning Main Units (FBs-xxMN)


Power supply 220Vac, 24Vdc or even 12Vdc in some models; build in power supply 400mA@24Vdc for the needs of I/O and expansions.

One CPU (main unit) can expand up to:

  • 5 serial communication ports (RS232, RS485, USB, ETHERNET, CANopen, GSM & ZigBee wireless),
  • 256 digital inpputs (NPN or PNP),
  • 256 digital outputs (relay or tranzistor),
  • 64 analogue inputs (resolution 14 bit),
  • 64 analogue outputs (resolution 14 bit),
  • 32 temperature inputs,
  • 4 hardware high speed counter (1 @ 100kHz, 3 @ 20kHz),
  • High speed pulse output up to 4 axis, maximum frequency 120kHz,
  • 4 set of high-speed pulse width modulation output,
  • 16 digital inputs Interrupt,
  • 254 CPUs can be connected on a network.

For more information you may refer to the series catalogue: Fatek_FBs_Series_Catalogue.pdf (2.75 MB)


For additional information you can:

a) visit manufacturers website:  Fatek,

b) contact us.