Indusoft development

INDUSOFT WEB STUDIO is one of the most reliable suites for developing HMI/SCADA applications worldwide. IWS Version 7 is the first choice for your application.


This product comes with enriched new features that integrate Windows 7 functionality and aesthetics into the well established Indosoft suite and makes the development of complex applications an easy task.


Product Specification:

  • Rapid Application Development: quick development of Windows based applications.
  • DataBase/ERP: Built in database interface.    
  • Object Oriented: object oriented programming and creation of tag classes
  • VBScript: Supports VBScript and Indusoft built in language programming
  • Drivers: contains over 200 communications protocols / built-in drivers for most PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers, barcode/2D/RFID readers, such as BUS, MODBUS /Ethernet/Serial, Profibus, CAN-Open e.t.c.
  • Event/Alarm Handling: Easy alarm and event monitoring through fully programmable visual objects. Email and SMS notification.
  • Trending: Plot of variables with unlimited data history and statistical (MinMax /Average/SDeviation).
  • Report: Fully programmable report generation with dynamic text and database entries.
  • ActiveX / .Net: Built in use of Active X and .Net object libraries with programmable object properties
  • Multi- Language: New one-click translation, including support for Unicode fonts for global compatibility.
  • Web Server – Web thin clients: remotely view screens as web pages using Internet Explorer web browser or Indusoft Secure Viewer. Use any web enabled cell phone with browser to monitor and control tags and alarms.


For additional information you can:

a) visit manufacturers website:  Indusoft,

b) contact us.