ESTUN SERVO FAMILYESTUN SERVO MOTOR & DRIVE cover a power range from 200W to 105kW and can be used in many industrial applications.


There are four kinds of Servo Motors with nominal speed from 1000RPM to 3000RPM and three kinds of Servo Drives.



  • Power Supply: 1x220Vac up to 3Kw, 3x380Vac
  • Motor Power: 0,2~105Kw
  • IP rating up to IP65
  • Feedback: 17-bit Incremental or Absolute encoder, resolver
  • Operation Mode: Torque Control, Speed Control, Position Control
  • 16-node build-in positioning point
  • Communications RS232, RS485 & CAN for EDC/EDB drives
  • RS485, Modbus & Profibus for Pronet drives
  • Large start-up torque
  • Windows-based software, E-View


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